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The oil and gas industry is creating millions of jobs in the United States. In fact, employment has increased by 40% in the oil and gas fields since 2007.

But who is filling these positions? Competent workers.

It does not matter if the job title is Driller, Production Operator or Geologist. The worker is not qualified as competent by merely satisfying the basic job requirements.

The knowledge gained from experience in the field or related fields, combined with competency in specific behaviors, are the most important tools when it comes to productivity in the oil industry. The worker needs to be able to use acquired knowledge to react to unexpected situations in a safe and efficient manner.

Lexonis, a competency management company, identifies the key behaviors for oil industry workers to be competent in:


•Problem Solving


•Attention to Detail

•Safety Leadership

Shale Energy Insider says, “A well-rounded training program is one that prepares its participants to apply integrated knowledge in a practical and job-related manner.”

While not every situation will be the same, a competent oilfield worker is taught to analyze the situation and decide on the best approach towards a favorable outcome. Sometimes, a quick decision must be made and the competent worker will have the ability to do so.

At Payson Petroleum, we take pride in our team’s experience and competence in the oil field. Rick Johnson, our operations manager and engineer, has participated in over 300 horizontal drilling projects. Mr. Johnson has contributed his talents to more than 1,000 wells coast to coast and has a track record of assembling some of the best teams in the business.

Here at Payson Petroleum, we want to help and do our part by finding new resources and drilling wells. If you’d like more information on this topic, or would like to get to know us further, please visit us at www.paysonpetro.com or email us at contact@paysonpetro.com.