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New Fracking Regulations Require Oklahoma Wells to Report all Chemicals Used

A new year means new rules for the Oklahoma fracking industry as recent regulations implemented in early January now require all drilling operators to report the chemicals they are using during the process of fracking. The hope of the new policy is that providing the information will educate the public, and in turn instill confidence that the fracking industry is not only doing its job, but also doing it well.

Chemicals must be reported either to FracFocus.org (the national hydraulic fracturing chemical registery) or to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, which would then be added to FracFocus’ information database. While many have been voluntarily reporting information to FracFocus since 2011, tighter regulations mean consistency throughout the industry. Currently Oklahoma is the United States’ fifth largest producer of crude oil and as the industry has grown throughout the years, controversy regarding the topic has as well.

Regulations regarding the reporting of chemicals were first implemented in 2013 and applied only to wells that perform horizontal drilling. The idea behind this was to initially target the larger and more active wells in the industry. Nearly three quarters of the wells drilled in Oklahoma are through horizontal drilling. Beginning in 2014, however the policy extended to all wells. Dana Murphy, Corporation Commissioner claims, “it’s important to go ahead and treat all operators the same, but you have to focus where most of the activity is first.”

While fracking has been practiced in Oklahoma for over 60 years, the industry has recently grown and become more prevalent. Today, 25% of Oklahoma’s employment is somehow directly or indirectly related to the drilling industry. With the increased transparency into the workings of the industry, the public will be able to make informed and educated decisions regarding their stance on fracking.

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