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About 60 miles north of Dallas is a region of Texas called Grayson County. Aside from being the birthplace of President Eisenhower, Grayson County is recognized for it's generous oil reserves. Today, the oil is still flowing- in fact, of the over 4,652 wells that have been drilled in the area, over half of the original wells are still producing today.

After successful operations in Oklahoma and Kansas, Payson Petroleum was attracted to Grayson County and decided to shop for acreage.

When looking for a new production site within Grayson County, Payson was drawn to the North Perrin Air Force Base Field. Of the 4,652 wells that have been drilled in Grayson County, 3,200 of them have been drilled in this specific area. Considering the fact that nearby wells have produced over 350,000 barrels of oil and a billion cubic feet of gas, it’s no wonder that Payson chose the Perrin Field.

The first test was performed on Brown #1, which flowed over 500 barrels of oil in just 25 hours. Success has only increased as Payson just finished drilling the first of 20+ wells in the Grayson County, TX acreage.

The track record for Grayson County has remained steady for Payson Petroleum. With a 92% success rate, Payson is confident in the region for continued prosperity. For example, 97,232 barrels of oil were recently produced in Grayson County in just one month (November 2013). Ripe with oil, Grayson continues to increase energy and economic independence for Texas, making Payson proud to call this region home.

Here at Payson Petroleum, we want to do our part by finding new resources and drilling wells. If you’d like more information on this topic, or would like to get to know us further, please visit us at www.paysonpetro.com or email us at contact@paysonpetro.com.