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A Bucket List Item You Didn't Know You Had

When investors participate in our ‘Rig Up & BBQ’ events, they are afforded an experience unlike any other. While many companies in our industry make attempts to separate their investors from what is happening in the field, Payson Petroleum takes an intentional approach with its partners. By inviting our clients and investors to step foot on a rig and smell the oil in the tank batteries, we provide personal connections to investment opportunities.

The Power of a Rig in Your Hand

Payson Petroleum believes technology can enhance the overall investor experience. 

From live video streams to Android and iPhone Apps, Payson is always striving to be at the forefront of technology. By using these resources, our investors can stay on top of industry news, or simply watch as their oil rig comes to life.

Be a Part of the Process

At Payson Petroleum, we greatly value communication with our advisors and investment partners.

Not only do we bring investors closer to their investment, but we also make ourselves available for program updates, bringing clarity to our industry and the entire drilling process.