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Letter from the CEO


We consider it an honor and a privilege anytime someone is willing to take time to get to know Payson Petroleum, Inc. It has been said about the Griffin family that we have oil running through our blood, and I must say there's more truth to that than fiction. We enjoy this business and really strive to be able to provide an opportunity for partners to join us in our pursuit of building and growing assets in the oil industry. From day one, Payson has set out to build a team that feels more like family than just a business. We extend this type of relationship to any of our partners, and are grateful for some of the long-term relationships that have been formed.

We also strive to show ourselves "set apart".  A few examples of this would include:

Partnering along side our investors, not taking advantage of them.

Drilling in proven fields with decades of track record and history. 

Strategic drilling. By drilling in only proven fields when multiple pay-zones are present, so that you can drill multiple potentials in one well bore.

We have limited time here on this earth, and so do the resources we build. Payson has a culture and a heart to make sure a sizable portion of our well interest in each well we drill, goes to helping others worldwide who have limited resources. Blessed to be a blessing.

Again, I want to personally thank you for taking time to get to know Payson petroleum as a company, our family team, and all the exciting blessings we've been entrusted with. 


Matthew C. Griffin